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When the State of Texas brings charges against you or your family, the Rabinovich Firm is here to help. 

Max Rabinovich is a dedicated attorney who will work hard to

guide you through the legal process.

Schedule your free consultation today.

Max Rabinovich is waiting to meet with you and hear the details of your case. With his principal office located only blocks from the courthouse in downtown Houston, and the ability to meet with clients in surrounding counties at remote offices close to home, you are a click or a phone call away from smart, compassionate, and affordable legal representation.


Legal services to suit your specific needs.

When you hire an attorney, you are hiring someone to speak for you on a matter in your life more serious than anything you've ever dealt with before. That attorney should be someone who understands the gravity of the situation, and someone who is willing to turn over every stone until the result is one you are comfortable with. 

No criminal case is alike. Max Rabinovich is a trained legal professional ready to begin working for you the moment you bring him on to your case. Max will investigate the facts, apply the law, advocate for you both inside and outside the courtroom, and work tirelessly to be your voice in negotiations with the State of Texas or anyone else bringing charges or claims against you.


Areas of practice

No charge is insignificant, no lawsuit is minor. From traffic tickets, to contested/uncontested divorces, to felony criminal offenses, the Rabinovich Firm, PLLC will give your case the attention it deserves. Please check out the Practice Areas tab above to learn more about the services The Rabinovich Firm, PLLC offers, including: DWI/DUI, possession, assault, theft, child support, child custody, divorce, traffic tickets, probation revocation, and expunction.



There is no closing time when it comes to your case. We work for you, period. If you hire The Rabinovich Law Firm we will be available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need questions answered, we are here for you. Just call or text 713-742-2855 and schedule your FREE no hassle initial consultation today!

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